Being the cultural and financial hub of North Texas, this metropolis is the ninth-largest city in America. With its sophisticated and modern culture, Dallas has a lot to share with its guests.


Dallas boasts greater restaurant density than anywhere in the US. And North Texans adore spicy, gooey, fried, and salty food. Let's start with the genuine Dallas Tex-Mex cuisine with tons of shredded cheese, peppers, beans, spices, and meat (chicken, pork, and beef). It can be served with tortillas or rice. Tex-Mex means Texan and Mexican, but it represents the mix of Mexican, American, and Spanish cuisine. Try tasty tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and many more Tex-Mex dishes at Gabriela & Sofia's Tex-Mex restaurant or Tupinamba Cafe. 

Dallas' favorite cocktail is a margarita with its classic mix of tequila, salt, and lime juice. Try a fantastic La Doña Margarita with pear puree and honey at Mexican Sugar.


Transport yourself to amazing art, light, and sound installations in the Rainbow Vomit Museum. Its 9000 LED lights, 1000 balloons, hundred pounds of cotton, and a full-size unicorn will encourage you to have fun. Take pictures to save positive memories in more than 20 photo spots that your Instagram friends will adore. 

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas holds a free exhibit – The Economy in Action – that features multimedia displays about economy, money, and Federal Reserve functionality. Find out how the bank transfers funds and learn the interconnection between the American economy, the Federal Reserve, and Main Street.


When you want to stay in the center of a city and at the same time close to nature, choose Klyde Warren Park. The central public 5.2-acre park in Downtown Dallas is the most significant green space in the city and a gathering spot for the premier community. Here you can spend amazing time with family, kids, and dogs. There are multiple activities for children, musical performances, dance, and yoga lessons, so more than a million people visit this location every year.


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